Freaquently Asked Questions


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   Where is the track located?

        The track is located within the Milan City Park, just behind the Babe Ruth baseball field. Click here for map.


    Does it cost anything to use the track to practice with your rc?

        No, only if entering races on race day. Track may be used as long is there are no scheduled events for that day. But please refrain from using track if  mud is present.


    What different classes of racing are there?

        We have classes for everyone, from Novice drivers to proís. Our most common classes are 1/8 Buggy, 1/8 Truggy, Spec Slash, Mod 1/10th Truck, and Novice. But we also run if there are enough 1/10 nitro Truck and Monster Truck classes.


    Where can I buy a good nitro or electric RC?

        There are several good online hobby stores you can visit on the internet. You can send us an email for recommendations. Also, if you come out to the track on race day, sometimes the racers will have items they are trying to sell out on their tables as well.


    How much does it cost to enter a race?

        Entry fees for non members are $15.00 for 1st entry and $10 for each after that. Club memberís entry fees are $10.00 for 1st entry and $5 for each after that. Membership into the Bullet Town R/C club is $40.00 a year for an individual, or $60.00 for a household.


    How long are the races?

        Qualifiers are ran on a 6 min clock, in these races, you will only be racing yourself and the clock to determine your starting position in the mains. On a club race day, Nitro mains are usually 20 minutes for the A main, 15 minutes for the b main and go down from there. Spec Slash A mains are 7 min long, along with mod truck. Novice mains are 6 minutes long.


    Are there other tracks in the area similar to this one?

        There are several track within a few hours drive from Milan, stop by or e-mail us and we will try to point you in the right direction!


    How do I go about advertising on the web site?

        Send an email for info. RACETHEBULLET@CHARTER.NET


    Is there a STOCK race where everyone is racing the same specs?

            Yes, our Spec Slash class is very popular as the trucks are ran as SPEC. These are ready to run trucks when you buy them; you just add a battery and charger. We all run the same equipment to race these trucks. The only changes allowed in the Spec class are to change the stock radio to your personal radio, and you can add Traxxas Aluminum shock caps to the shocks to prevent failure. All other items on the truck must retain stock equipment.


    What are some popular brands of racing rc's?

        Losi, Jammin, X-Ray, HPI, Traxxas, Team Associated these are just a few.