We would like to invite everyone to enjoy Bullet Town R/C's Off-Road Race season. We want to provide Tennessee a fun competitive and SAFE place to race. With that said, We would like you all to PLEASE READ EACH AND ALL THE RULES FOR THE YEAR! I know it's a bit long but will make for a good Race Season! Some of the rules a bit tough but they all are a must to provide a SAFE Raceway!


Upon notification of a Black Flag Penalty, you must enter the pits on your next lap. Stop the car for at least one second and then resume. Failure to stop completely will result in a 5 lap penalty at the end of the race.

Jumping the start

Pit crew launching the car forward on start

Pit crew fueling the car on the track surface

Pit crew re launching the car anywhere other than pit lane

Driver yelling derogatory remarks from the drivers stand

Driver yelling derogatory remarks at other drivers on the drivers stand

Lap Penalty:

Failure to attend the drivers meeting ? ( 2 laps from 1st qualifier )

Failure to Marshall or have a substitute after your race ? ( 5 laps )

Failure to honor Black Flag penalty ? ( 5 laps )

Driving another persons car ? (disqualified from qualifier)

Using an unassigned frequency - ( 2 laps )

Rough driving or intentional hacking - ( 5 laps )

Pit crew pushing car across the finish line ( 2 laps )


Turning your radio on in the pits with intent to harm another drivers car, or race

Using improper language or actions with a race director or track official

Physical or Verbal abuse, to any racer, spectator, or person at the event, including threats

Drinking alcoholic beverages, or the use of illegal drugs on track property during a race or Practice.

Practicing without a frequency clip on your radio ( 1 warning )

Driving your car anywhere on the property other than the track ( 1 warning )


Race Director:

Race Director is responsible for running a fair and non bias race

Race Director makes the final call on all issues

Race Director calls all Black Flag penalties ( based on track officials notification)

Race Director has the right to disqualify any racer for rule violations

With everyone's help we can have a FUN SAFE SEASON!


Racing: (Racer and Pit Crew)

All racers must run their own cars. No substitute drivers in any class

All racers must use the primary frequency they signed up with, unless instructed to change by the Race Director, or you have notified the Race Director in advance of a change.

All racers are responsible for the actions of their Pit Crew

No yelling, cursing, or disrupting other drivers from the drivers stand

No leaning on drivers stand rail, obstructing view of other racers

No arguing with other racers on the drivers stand

All racers must obey Black Flag Penalties when called during the race

All racers must obey Race Director Instructions during the race

Pit crew cannot launch car in forward motion on race starts. Car must be dropped in place

Pit crew must re fuel the car from the pit rail, or anywhere, other than the track surface except during mains starting when you will be allowed to refuel at your starting position

No pushing car across the finish line. All cars must finish on their own power

After fueling, the car must be dropped on pit road, not thrown onto the track racing line

After completion of pit stop, make room for others to pit

Report all protests and complaints to the Race Director after the race


Be courteous to other racers and realize that others may need your frequency clip. The following are guidelines to be followed.

Before you start practice, you must have a frequency clip on your radio. If you cannot find a clip and believe yours is missing, notify the race director for verification.

You must drive from the designated drivers stand. If you enter the track area to Marshall your own car, you can drive the car to a safe location, park it, and then return to the designated drivers stand.

Be aware that other racers may be waiting on your frequency clip. Please limit your time on the track to a maximum of two tanks of fuel per session. You may run as long as you want to if you are the only one on your frequency. The Race Director will announce shared frequencies. If the Race Director calls for your frequency, you must respond as soon as possible.

When finished with your practice session, return your frequency clip immediately.

Spectator and Racer Safety:

Any witness to the following safety violations should be reported to the event, Race Director, or Track manager at once

Operating your RC car or truck on the ground outside of the specified and enclosed event track is not permitted. This includes parking lots on the track property, and inside the pit area. The only place an RC car can be driven is on the track. This does not include starting your car on a stand in your pit area.

No unauthorized turn Marshall’s are permitted on the track during an event. Actual racers are the only authorized Marshall’s allowed on the track. Any Volunteer Marshall’s must check in with the Race Director to receive approval to enter the track area.

All Turn Marshall’s are encouraged to wear hand and eye protection while marshalling a race. Hot exhaust, flying dirt, as well as moving parts are only part of the risk. While gloves and goggles are not mandatory at this time, it is strongly encouraged.

No open toe shoes are allowed while marshalling. All Marshall’s must wear a shirt at all times

All radios must remain off at all times other than during your designated race, or when you have a frequency clip attached to your radio. Radios are never to be turned on during a race unless you are a participant in the actual race.

                        Rules & Safety